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As the Lead Designer for Elite Interior Design Solutions, I will be sharing most of the topics, however, as we expand, I will ask for more guest industry experts to share topics that are trending in the word or organizing and space design.


Elite Interior Design Solutions is based in the Greater Memphis area, also known as the Mid South area, including some areas of Mississippi, some areas of Arkansas, and the surrounding Memphis market. And now, have the best day and make the most of it, get the tasks done you’ve been pushing off for days. Spend time doing what you love. You can achieve anything you want!

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Dana Paige
Dana Heart
Dana is in the final completion of academic coursework for an Interior Design Program at St. Louis Community College(Actively enrolled).

With her new registered credentials, she will attain both State and National credentials as an Interior Designer, so clients that select Elite services, will receive two awesome services for one, a Professional Organizer who also is a Designer!

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