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Thank you for taking time to review my work. As a designer, I take great pride in sharing details about the type of work that I have done. Let me mention that my portfolio doesn’t have everything that I have done as a designer, just a snip bit of some of the work. I would have to spend a lot of time uploading everything that I’ve done over time and at this stage in my professional journey, I would rather spend the time working on design and consulting. So, if there is something here that you want to see more of or something not here that you want to see, it’s probably on my phone. Most of my work is homeowner residential and a lot of it is for the short term rental industry. I do from time to time take on a commercial space, if I feel passionate about the project.

I remind clients when they are looking at my work, that my style or taste has little to do with the work that I do. The client’s style is what matters. The major thing that I make sure of when designing is that if my name is a part of the project, that it is well put together! I can design to anyone’s taste, once I see a clear vision of the look you are trying to achieve.

For short short rentals, the client really should push their style to the side and concentrate on competitors and the market to which they are opening their short term rental in such as Airbnb or VRBO, etc. For STR, I pay very close attention to the market and what is going to make the most money for the client’s that I service.

Again, thank you for reviewing my work!

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Half bath paint and design for an Airbnb property

Another view of a guest bedroom design

Bathroom remodel

Backyard seating area

Farmhouse Bedroom Design

Bedroom space design

Farmhouse eat in kitchen look

Board and batten dining room

Custom game room

Modern bedroom design

Tile work to half bath remodel

Primary bedroom suite design

Guest bedroom design

Redesign kitchen, paint and new hardware for cabinets

Custom Bunk bed and kid’s bedroom design

Family room design

French Country bedroom design

Created outdoor seating area

Board & batten wall in dining area, paint & floors

Family room design

Living area for an Airbnb

Minimilist bedroom design