Who is Dana Paige in the Airbnb Industry

Who is Dana Paige in the Airbnb Industry

Do you know Who is Dana Paige in the Airbnb Industry I decided to write about my experience searching for a coach who could help me to start an Airbnb business. I ran across information on Dana Paige through my online research.

What I found was amazing to those wanting to start a viable Airbnb. Dana Paige is not only a coach for Airbnb, she is a trained Interior Designer and a consultant to many gurus who have successful Airbnb businesses.

Who is Dana Paige in the Airbnb Industry

Her company is called Elite Interior Design Solutions and I know that she works with hosts across the nation helping them with their Airbnb properties. I immediately hired Dana Paige to help me with my Airbnb and the results were phenomenal.

My husband and I had assistance from Dana Paige with the following: furniture selection, space planning, stocking our amazing supply closet, checklist for essentials, help with finding the right cleaners and cohosts and even setting up our profile to attract guests.

Within twelve hours of going live, our first property was booked. All of our guests rave about how well-stocked and how beautiful the home looks. Dana Paige helped us to set up a responsive plan to stay on top of communication with our guests.

I am not sure what your experience on the Airbnb platform has been. If you are a host, struggling, I recommend Dana Paige. If guests are complaining about your decor, I also recommend Dana Paige of Elite Interior Design Solutions.

I could think of many reasons that hiring this consultant or coach for your Airbnb aspirations. For my husband and I when hired Dana Paige, we had just brought our first property to start hosting with. I know that we recommended her to a friend of ours and when they hired Dana Paige for their Airbnb property, they had not yet bought their first property.

Dana Paige, helped them to identify the right market and then to get their Airbnb property set up. So, Dana Paige can help hosts who are at different stages of their Airbnb process.

I began to be interested in the Airbnb business when I saw a lot of buzz about it on my Facebook feed. I had no idea where I should begin. While searching online I saw a guru in the Airbnb industry mentioned that he hired Dana Paige to open two of his properties.

I am pretty certain that he mentioned, that he had not even seen the properties in person, but that Dana Paige set up everything for him from start to finish. Although, I didn’t need her t everything for my particular property it was nice to know that if had friends who needed full-service Airbnb setup Dana Paige could help.

We initially set up a zoom call at the property I had just purchased. We did a walk-through of each room. The first call cost me around $200, which was a small fee to me. I walked away from the call knowing that she understood my budget, and my space and had a sound plan to help me to order the best furniture, know where to place all of my statement pieces, and more unique design plans to make sure that my property stands out on the platform is a listing.

After the consult call, we signed a short agreement to start. Having the agreement really helped me to know my responsibilities, but more importantly, how Dana Paige’s Airbnb services would offer to me. Within eight short weeks, I was ready to go live on the platform.

The reason that my property took eight weeks to get set up is that I decided to make some custom changes to the property. I am sure that the setup can be shorter for others who are not looking to make some of the changes that I made. My friend who hired Dana Paige after I did, got her property up and going live within 6 weeks once she purchased the location.

So, as you can see there are many ways that Dana Paige and Elte Interior Design Solutions can be beneficial for a new Airbnb property owner. After hiring Dana Paige, she also shared some of her customer feedback for the host who has been struggling on the Airbnb platform.

Dana Paige and Elte Interior Design Solutions can also help the host to thrive as becoming Superhost by improving their overall guest, improving their design plan, and making their Airbnb property look beautiful.

Dana Paige is knowledgeable about Airbnb, she will travel or can consult remotely, she responds efficiently to messages, questions, and follow up and she is an awesome designer working with mood boards and researching the best selections for your Airbnb.

My final words of advice for those looking for maybe a mentor, coach, or consultant in the Airbnb industry is to research what others are saying about this experience working with an Airbnb mentor, coach, or consultant. Ask important questions about their experience.

Always obtain an agreement outlining exactly what you are paying for. Another good idea is that a mentor, coach, or consultant should also let you know what they expect of you as this relationship is a two-way dual agreement to work together. Who is Dana Paige in the Airbnb Industry I hope that these words of advice can help someone to know more about Dana Paige in the Airbnb industry. 

We now have three properties and I could be happier about deciding to start and more importantly, deciding to hire a mentor, coach, or consultant, Dana Paige of Elite Interior Design Solutions to staring my Airbnb property business.

Who is Dana Paige in the Airbnb Industry As mentioned, we are now thriving and I am grossing $6,000 per month for one property, but now I have three so that is over $18,000/month income stream. I am happy and pleased with myself for getting started, but normally, I would have procrastinated, but the decision to get started is one of the best ways that I have improved, I’m able to help my kids with their college education, taking vacations and living a life that I always dreamed of!

Don’t hesitate about hiring Dana Paige from Elite Interior Design Solutions 

Dana Paige

Dana Paige

I am Dana Paige and I specialize in home interior design, managing
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