Is Starting an Airbnb a Good Side Hustle for a Single Mom?

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Is Starting an Airbnb a Good Side Hustle for a Single Mom?

-Dana Paige

Airbnb Start Up and Interior Design Expert

You have seen the feeds and posts about starting an Airbnb as a side hustle or as a means of income extra income and you think to yourself, “what a great idea!” Perhaps you have a spare room in your house or your credit score is good enough to buy a duplex, a house with an in-law entry, or some other ingenious way to live in a house and let Airbnb pay for your mortgage.

Is Starting an Airbnb a Good Side Hustle for a Single Mom?

Why not invest in yourself instead of buying designer bags or a new luxury car? After working with Airbnb gurus and also having experience as an Airbnber, I am now an Airbnb Believer that this stream of income can change lives.  It’s my professional advice for single moms to get on board with starting their very own Airbnb business.

As an Interior Designer, my client list includes those that have turned the venture of owning Airbnb properties across the United States into a full-time venture. What I have learned from these gurus in the industry has been priceless to my family and me.

As a divorced mother of two and a businesswoman, I a sold on helping those who want to get started in the Airbnb industry to set up start systems to set their  Airbnb business apart and an interior design plan for their Airbnb property that will entice guest to book at their property consistently. 

Years ago, I hosted more than 50 guests on Airbnb in a spare room in my home to supplement my income while living in Salt Lake City, Utah. This experience allowed me to be on the inside of learning when it came to understanding the Airbnb industry.

Fast forward, I left Utah, moved to the South, went back to school for interior design, and was then given the chance to work with a multi-millionaire Airbnb Superhost who allowed me to open multiple properties for their business.

From there, more Airbnb connections came, and before you know it, I was at the forefront of understanding the interior design plan for Airbnb properties that work, and more importantly, now possess a good concept of the following necessary tools to be successful with Airbnb start-up and how to upscale your profile to an Airbnb SuperHost status.

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  1. Starting a successful Airbnb doesn’t take a pile of money. If you have at least a 600 credit score or higher and/or can research rental properties that property owners want to take off their hands, you can open the property with about $10,000 on credit cards for buying décor and furniture
  2. You need a good smartphone in an area in your home for a small home office.
  3. Can have help with interviewing a winning cleaning team,Airbnb hosting process loves checklists and guides for everyday operations of an Airbnb property
  4. You can commit to a timeline to start an Airbnb property.
  5. Hire an Interior designer or a start-up expert like my firm, Elite Interior Design Solutions, and Dana Paige, we will guide you through the process of starting up your Airbnb property successfully.
  6. Have a winning attitude!

Systems such as what to buy, how to write a winning profile, checklist, giving your guest a high quality above five-star experience, design plans that are destined to be beautiful and responsive, and more are all things that the Airbnb Coach should be assisting you with.

These and more are all things that the team at my firm, Elite Interior Design Solutions, and Dana Paige include in the training regimen that we provide to Host or those aspiring to be Host.

Finally, there is becoming a Superhost on the Airbnb site. Let me explain what a Superhost is.  According to the Airbnb website, a “SuperHost” is a profile for a host that “provides outstanding hospitality, which means being highly rated, experienced, reliable, and responsive. And while each Superhost has their unique style, they’ve earned their status by meeting, and often exceeding, guest expectations”. So, you start a profile on Airbnb.

Airbnb guests are attracted to book with homes that are run by Superhost. This is something that if you are an Airbnb Host, you absolutely want this status.

 You start hosting and your reviews do not want them to be. A firm like Elite Interior Design Solutions and Dana Paige can help with effective systems to improve your Host status.

Or maybe your furniture and décor just aren’t up to par, as designers that specialize in a great design plan for Airbnb properties, Elite Interior Design Solutions, and Dana Paige can help a host to improve their design plan so guests will want to book your property.

Lastly, there is always the person who wants to start an Airbnb, like a single mom, an entrepreneur, or others who just do not know where to get started with starting an Airbnb business.

Airbnb Single Mom Don’t let anyone discourage those that want to get started with starting an Airbnb. I have heard that the market is saturated, we solve that with effective research methods that an expert can show you.

Airbnb Single Mom I also heard guests will tear up your home, as we have effective safeguards for that problem and many more problems that can occur. 

 If you are like me and are a mom who, like myself, is a “super mom” taking care of their family and would like to finally start to have the freedom of owning a business that will allow for time to spend with your family, then now and ever is a good time to start an Airbnb business for yourself and your family. 

There’s no doubt about it: starting an Airbnb as a single mom can have a lot of financial benefits, but for a single mom who is trying to make ends meet, it can be an awesome money move. We are in a world where we can assess articles, videos, and advice for all types of experts.

Find yourself an expert and get started on your way to a healthier bank account. Airbnb resource center Would that be a good feeling? I would say so and for sure would love to help anyone out looking to get started, Elite Interior Design Solutions and Dana Paige.

Dana Paige

Dana Paige

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