About the Space Designer

Dana Paige spent years in the human capital business industry and working in various business settings, before going back to school to work in the home design industry. She moved to Memphis in 2019 from Salt Lake City, Utah to be back in the south.. From her keen eye for beauty and making space look beautiful, Dana has worked on numerous design projects in Utah , Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas and more.


Dana Paige

About Dana Paige

Dana always had a sense of knowing what worked well together and how to make things look nice, clean and organized. Transitioning to beauty professionally became really easy because of a natural knack for making things look beautiful.

Upon relocating to the Mid-South in late summer 2019, to be closer to family, Dana immediately began to be active with home design in some exclusive neighborhoods throughout the mid-south. Clients should know that they are working with a professional that Ms. Paige has gained professional recognition to become an industry leader in the industry as a space designer.

She possesses professional licenses as an Instructor of beauty in Utah and Tennessee stylist license. Dana became well recognized for a sharp eye in precision haircutting as well as teaching students to excel in delivering quality haircuts. Also writing and blogging are passions that she has done well with professionally. Clients should rest assure that they are working with a professional that is licensed and that has gained professional recognition become an industry a leader in the industry as an educator, as a practitioner and as a space designer.

For Utah, Dana Paige holds two licensure credentials, as a State Instructor of Barbering and Cosmetology and as a Stylist. Complete a name search for Dana Paige to verify both Utah Instructor and Stylist licensure using the following two links:



Complete a name search for Dana Paige to verify active Tennessee Stylist licensure:


Dana is happy to be back in the south and has take pride in this community providing quality service. In fact, clients are pleased with her professional customer service approach and the fact that she has styled for some of the most exclusive clients in Utah, she brings an approach to organization, staging and design work, that is what some may consider a “different approach” to what has been seen in the mid-south area. As stated in Elite Interior Design Solutions mission statement. Dana desires to be a leading authority in design for the clients to whom Elite Interior Design Solutions serves.

Five core concepts are the basis of Dana values and approach to project work:

  • Trustworthy
  • Reliability
  • Creativity
  • Research
  • Delivery

Dana Paige