Memphis Has Great Stores For Home Organizing

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Memphis Home Organizing Stores

When I first moved to Memphis from Salt Lake City, Utah, I was thinking that I would lose access to my favorite stores that make providing home organizing service to customers hard. Let’s face it, when a customer desires to get their home organized, sometimes, its immediate and waiting for products to come in the mail in 2021, with a global pandemic, can be cumbersome. I soon had to build a list of “go-to-stores” that would make it easy for me to find what a customer needs, sometimes in a hurry.

Memphis Home Organizing Stores
Memphis Home Organizing Stores


I will share five of my favorite great retailers in Memphis, Tennessee that are good for home organizing, but, shhhhhh….., let’s keep these stores a secret!


Store List For Home Organizing


1. Container Store- @thecontainerstore

The tag for the retailer is “Where Space Comes From”. There are 93 of these stores located throughout the US. Most items can be ordered online and picked up at the store. I prefer to shop at the store because it’s just so much fun to cruise around. This retailer has a very wider variety of baskets, bins, labels, shelves, carts, and boxes. There is also “custom closet” shelving, but without a designer, I think that the process can become overwhelming, even though, there is an in-person store attendee that assist with placing orders. No worries, though, that’s why you readers have a designer like me to help with selecting items for customizing a closet! Great store, with a lot of selections. Some of the features that this store offers are online ordering, offer gift cards, digital rewards and in store product help for some of its custom items.


2. HomeGoods- @homegoods

I prefer the location located on Houston-Levee Road in Collierville because that location seems to be a more well stocked store. There is another location in Cordova, Tennessee as well. I love Homegoods for sure. There are soft goods for your bed living area and bathroom, bins, baskets, décor items, lamps, cookware, art, kitchen organizing items, furniture, and so much more home items. The Homegoods brand is a sister company to T.J. Maxx, Sierra Trading Post and Marshalls. Because the company is part of a conglomerate retail operations, there seems to be buying power when designers like, Nicole Miller is discontinuing an item. I do have one warning for shoppers seeking to organize their home using Homegoods, if you find and you like it, buy it as it maybe gone later. Unlike some retailers, Homegoods doesn’t keep an instore inventory, for the public, which may be a little hard if you want to buy more of a particular time or know if another store has the item. Homegoods does now have digital rewards on their app, they are now offering in home delivery for items that are difficult to fit in your car to take home. By the way, there are 821 of these great stores around the US. At times, I will drive up to an hour or so to another location to find a duplicate item when in a pinch. Browse slowly in Homegoods, because there is just so many little items that are great for organizing and if you don’t browse slow, you might miss something good 😊

At Home- From patio furniture, living area furniture, pillows, bins, baskets, art, décor, rugs, lamps, and more, this retailer has it!

Dana Paige, Designer and Professional Organizer

I love cooking, the colors pink and cream, and walking through every aisle at home stores, both near and far.

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