How To Style up Your Bed Like a Designer

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Style Up Your Bed Like A Designer

If you want to style up your bed like a designer, then- this guide is for you. I’m not sure about most of you, but for me, there is something so satisfying about a well put together bed. Spending a few minutes each day in the morning on your bed can make coming home to a nice room after a hard day of work, a treat for you. It also will make falling to sleep at night so much more fulfilling by having a nice bed to fall asleep in. Today, we will dive into more than just the art of making a bed and take it a step further with discussing layers, details, and textures! Interior Designers that work with bedroom décor have foundation rules about the art of making a designer like looking bed. Let’s discuss further.


Bedroom Styles To Consider

how to style up your bed like a designer


Invest in a nice mattress that is not only comfortable but one that is well designed. The foundation of your bedroom look is a sturdy mattress. Shop around for the best mattress in your budget. Look at reviews and feedback from customers to ensure you are making a good investment.

Your headboard should be the centerpiece of your bedroom. Go bold or keep it traditional, either way, take your time looking for one that stands out and is a beautiful attraction to your bed.

What goes over your bed should be a statement piece that screams classy. Some choose a painting; some choose a conglomerate of art pieces that match as a set, and some may even choose a shelf with décor items on the shelf. Carefully consider what matches your style for over your bed décor that will make you feel good about the look of your bedroom.

Tips For A Bed That looks Designer-Like:

how to style up your bed like a designers


  • Pillows are pivotal. You always want bed pillows to be well designed. Most people do not realize that there are standard size pillows for a king bed, queen pillows, full and so on. Make sure you buy the right size pillow that will be the right fit for your bed.


  • Sheets are designed by thread count. The higher the thread count, the better the sheets. Thread count refers to the number of horizontal and vertical threads per square inch. The higher the thread count, the softer the sheet. Invest in a nice few pair of sheets. Bed designers often like to use white sheets for the crispiness of the finished look. Buy sheets that complement the color scheme of the comforter or the bedspread. 


  • The comforter and bedspread should compliment the drapery, rugs, wall paint, wall decor and the natural lighting in the room.


  • Tuck sheets so that they won’t hang over


  • Always use two or three decorative small pillows to accent the bed. There is no magic number, but I highly recommend two or three accent pillows. I have seen some of my clients have as many as five or six. It totally depends on the size of your bed and personal preference.


  • Use a throw or an afghan throw across the bottom of the bed


  • Clear clutter off nightstands and dressers


Hopefully these tips for a designer-like bed will inspire readers to elevate your bedroom scene! Stay tuned for more helpful tips brought to you by Elite Interior Design Solutions is a full-service interior design and professional organizing firm that proudly serves  Memphis, some parts of Arkansas, and some parts of Mississippi

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