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Getting Your Home Ready for the Fall 2021 Season

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In this article we will be discussing on ways of getting your home ready for fall. As a homeowner myself, there are many demands related to the upkeep of your home. More than the upkeep of your home, there is also the maintaining value and neighborhood appearance of a home. Personally, I don’t try to outshine my neighbors, but I try to make my home festive for each season of the year. I was thinking, let me create a list of things that I need to do for getting my home ready for fall 2021, but then I was like what a great topic to bring to my audience for fall readiness.


I will start with upkeep first and then move on to décor. As an Interior Designer, my first instinct is to focus on décor, but there is more to décor that keeps a home beautiful from the inside out. It would be great if all you had to do was to hang an acorn wreath and burn some pumpkin pie candles. These are important tasks to remember to do, but not all to be fall-inspired for the home.

 Getting Your Home Ready For Fall (To Do Lists)

•Clean out gutters or some of us even must replace them. Check it out and see what shape your gutters are in. Fall leaves can clog gutters. There are services in your local area that will clean and of course, replace gutters as well.


•Bring in your lawn furniture or cover with outside furniture waterproof covers. If you want your lawn furniture to last for several seasons, then bringing in or covering will protect you from the harshness of fall and the winter. You can store the furniture in the garage or a covered shed area. I have seen the waterproof covers at Walmart or Amazon for under 40 dollars. This is a great investment to upkeep your outside seating area.


•Time to change the filter for your heating system! Clean filters ensure that your system will not work extra hard to heat your home. There are a variety of filters out there, some that you dispose of and some that you can clean and reuse. Depending on your type, take of this. Buying a new or repairing a heating system can be pricey. Take care of this for the fall and at every change of season or at least every three months, whichever comes sooner is the recommended advice for heating and both AC units.


•Cover your AC unit. I now do this every year after learning a tough lesson about leaves in the AC unit repair several years ago. I have invested in an outdoor heavy-duty cover for my outside AC unit. When I turn my AC unit off for the end of the year, I quickly cover it. I snagged mine on the eBay platform for 35 dollars. It has saved leaves and debris from the fall and winter weather from getting in my unit inside the interior.


•Change smoke detector and carbon detectors batteries in your home. It is recommended as a good time to make sure that the units are still working, by testing them as the manufacturer suggests.


•Check your snowblower and leaf blower, if you use these fall/winter weather equipment gear in the colder season. I happen to live in the mid-south area, which is technically considered the south, however, fall does bring many leaves and pine needles to my yard. I even had to shovel snow here a winter ago. I have since hung my leaf blower up close by to make sure that I can access it easier. Make sure that your equipment is ready to go is a great idea!


•Driveway care- A small crack in the driveway can turn into an expensive repair with damage from cold weather. If you have a crack now, go ahead and repair it before the weather turns the crack into a large repair. Time invested in driveway care on a weekend can help to maintain your home from costly repairs.

Now, let us move on to fall décor for the inside and the outside. Yay!!!


Fall Decor Inside And Outside

The first thing that I always do at the change of season for the fall is to upgrade the pillows for my seating areas in my home to complementary colors for the fall. Colors like Orange, Evergreen, Browns, Deep Rust, Orange with a Black variation, Creams, Checkered Cream & Oranges, and Checked Black & Cream are all popular colors for the fall. Accent pillows and throws in fall color schemes are a great way to bring in the season!


Welcome the fall with a fall welcome sign and an updated fall wreath. I even recommend a fall welcome sign. My favorite go-to places for fall décor are Hobby Lobby, Homegoods, At Home, TJ Max, Walmart, and Target. These stores make it easy for shoppers who have no idea as to what to buy for the fall season because they do a great job with setting up action/idea areas for fall décor and other seasons.


Fall Decor, Getting Your Home Ready For Fall Decor
Fall Decor

Lastly, I suggest bringing in scents for the fall season to make your home smell wonderful. Candles, plug-ins, potpourri, room refreshers, and melted wax in great fall scents like Apple Pie, Cinnamon, and Pumpkin.

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