What is the Farmhouse Decor Trend?

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Farmhouse Decor Trend

Nowadays, there is a lot of buzz about Farmhouse decor style trending in many of the décor and designer groups that I belong to and on home-style shows. More importantly, the look is a beloved and growing trend by trendsetters around the world. Why all the hype? As I dove in to discover more about this style, here is what I found from my research.

Farmhouse Decor


In my opinion, it is because the style is so easy to pull together. The style is not very difficult to achieve and it’s not an expensive style to pull together. Is that great news? The style brings us back to our past by bringing in the charm of the days when the world was simpler days, reminding us of grandma’s house and maybe things that our grandmother kept from her mother. The style reminds us of a feeling of being connected to history and a “country feel!”

Farmhouse style merges vintage and antiques in a new way that makes old seem new again. The trend of antiquing and shabby chic is so in right now. According to Wikipedia, “Shabby Chic a style of interior design where furniture and furnishings are either chosen for their appearance of age and signs of wear and tear or where new items are distressed to achieve the appearance of an antique”. Either way, you look at it this trend is hot. I happen to think the style is great, but for me, I like the style in moderation rather than a style for an entire home. A few accent pieces are a great way for me to blend the style in my home. But whether you live on a farm or live in an inner-city setting, most can appreciate the old-fashioned charm that is the symbol of this style.

What Does Farmhouse Decor Style Consist Of?

•Cottage look

•Vintage style

•Rustic in appearance

•An old look


•Industrial feel


•Natural materials

•Light color scheme

•Anything that is faded & worn

•Farm animals such as pigs, cows, roosters, chickens, etc.

•American flair, but with elements of French and English country mixed in with the American style

How To Achieve The Farmhouse Look?

There are many ways to bring farmhouse décor into your home as a style. Keep in mind that having a farmhouse look doesn’t mean you have to go overboard and look like you live on a farm. I recommend mixing the old with the new. For example, ‘if you have an old bench that you are using to make a farmhouse statement you can use pillows that are more like the style today and still achieve the farmhouse look.’


✓For the walls, try to use a neutral color scheme because the farmhouse look typically doesn’t encompass bright colors but rather grays, creams, tans, and a color that blends well with wrought iron, wire baskets, and the rustic look.


✓Use wire baskets, milk jugs, baskets of eggs, cows, hens, chicks, and décor with a similar flair.


✓Wood that looks worn and weathered is a great way to bring out a barn house look.


✓The light fixtures that work are the rustic-looking iron fixtures. Usually, you may see a rectangle fixture made of iron with maybe three or more lights.


✓Look for décor in flea markets, estate sales, antique stores, and shabby chic shops if you want to find pieces that won’t take you all day to find. The farmhouse look is not new, so dive into some specialty shops to find pieces to accent the look.


In my opinion, try not to overdo it. If you are bringing the farmhouse look to your home, maybe two one or two rooms the achieve the look. Many people like a farmhouse kitchen. I am fond of the farmhouse sinks, which is a sink with a front skirt look.


Farmhouse Decor Sink Design
Farmhouse Decor Sink Design

Another popular area for the farmhouse look is in the bedroom. Some of the trendsetters that I have seen decorating in this trend maybe will use wood panels behind the headboard, a metal headboard, a rustic centerpiece over the headboard, and rustic pendant light. Of course, a quilt gives a more country type of feel instead of a modern comforter and a crochet throw brings out an old-fashioned feel.

Now that I have shed some light on the trend of farmhouse style. I would love to virtually help guide customers who are trying to achieve this look if you are not located in the Memphis/Mid-South area. However, if you are indeed located in the Memphis/Mid-South and I can help to make your farmhouse visions come true.

I am a designer and a pro-organizer working mainly in residential settings, but at times, some commercial settings. I am always hoping to connect with motivated customers in my market, and virtually. Be sure to follow Elite Interior Design Solutions on Instagram and Like us on Facebook. Elite Interior Design Solutions is a full-service interior design and professional organizing firm that proudly serves  Memphis, some parts of Arkansas, and some parts of Mississippi.

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