Back to School Memphis Parents! ( Start Off the Year 2021 Organized )

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Back To School Memphis

Back To School Memphis 2021:- It’s that time of the year, friends. August is here now its time for the kiddos to go back to school. 2019- going into 2020 was such an old year. As a mom, a Designer, and a Businesswoman, I had so much fun sharing back to school organization tips with my Greater Memphis, Tennessee community. It was also fun to get my daughter prepared with all the necessary things that she needs to start her 8th grade year off at a new school.

As a Designer, a Professional Organizer in the Greater Memphis, Tennessee area, I just love, love, and more ways than you know, love making everything inside and outside of the home beautiful. Making your home functional, organized and lovely inside and outside is a great accomplishment for parents. This way of living will be embedded in your kids so when they go out on their own, they too will likely thrive when their homes are more functional, organized and lovely inside and outside.

Having a clear home/work/school life balance is so integral to having an organized school year.


Tips For Parents And Kids

Here are some tips that I feel will be good for parents and kids that can be tried to make the year 2021 organized:-


  • Go through your pantry or food supply to make sure that you have the necessary food items for work and school. It’s a good time to check expiration dates too.
    1. Use baskets and bins to group like items together
    2. Straighten the pantry up


  • Make sure that you have plenty of reusable water bottles and lunch boxes ready to go. Napkins, plastic or reusable utensils should be stocked. Make sure to keep the year fun by writing a short message on a napkin to brighten your kid’s day 😊


  • Purge items in your closet and your kids closets. Group your clothes together by color going from lightest to darkest. Group blue jeans, sweaters, belts, scarfs etc.
Organized Closet, Back To School Memphis
Organized Closet: Elite Design


  • Food containers- Food containers are important to lunch preparedness. Make sure you find all your lids with matching containers and keep containers lids and bottoms together to make lunch packing easier.


  • Keep up with your calendar. I personally use invite messages to my daughter so that important events aren’t missed and the tasks of keeping up with appointments, etc. is something your child will foster as a tool of responsibility.


  • Go through school supply list, but also make sure that you have items kept at home to ensure that homework tasks can be easily completed with the right tools
Organizing Calender Designer Memphis
Organizing Calender: Elite Design


Anyone looking to upgrade their home organization, interior design of their home in Memphis, Tennessee area can reach out to me for this type of service and more from our contact form. You will do your yourself, your home and family the great favor of awesomeness.

Whew!  I know that was long!  I hope a few of these suggestions gave you some ideas for you and your family.  Happy back to school organizing 2021, I know we have all had a tough year and half, but… we got this! 😊


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